Hi I’m Kim, and I’m a photographer based in the Madison, WI area. I’ve been lucky enough to have this amazing gig as owner of Photos by Kim Upton for over 5 years now.  When I’m not snapping pics with my camera, you can usually find me playing tag with my two energetic boys (ages 7 and 5), teaching Kindermusik classes in Waunakee, reading the latest novel, knitting a hat, or out on a run with my also-energetic hubbie. Life is good.

My photography style is “in-the-moment.”  I see life in action, and I embrace it!  I see things as they really are. I see beauty. I see a moment that never fades away.  And it all makes me smile.  Maybe it’s a mom giving her baby a sweet kiss that melts my heart.  A girl picking up dandelions and tossing them in the air.  A family laughing over something silly. A dad and child running amongst the trees.

I promise your photo session will be laid-back, low-key, real, and fun.    I will go along with your child’s lead, following and guiding in a fun manner.  But I also have tricks up my sleeve to capture you and/or your family into a wonderful, all-eyes-at-the-camera pose.  And at the end of the session, you’ll find that the time went by quickly, and you actually enjoyed yourself throughout the duration of the session!

Ok, that’s enough about me.  I want to hear about you and get to know you.  So let’s chat! Send me a message or call me…and let’s schedule a photo shoot.  Whether it’s pictures of your child, family photos, a party, senior portraits, couple/engagement photos, or even pictures of yourself doing something you love… i’d be honored to be your photographer.

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